Trackpad trouble

I’m not crazy about the zoom feature on the trackpad of my new MacBook Pro. It’s cool on an iPhone. But I’m finding it’s a hindrance to productivity. Too often I’m trying to move something on a page (Photoshop, InDesign) and instead, zooming in on it. Then I have to zoom back out. Worse, I’ll occasionally inadvertently rotate an image in Photoshop. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. I can see how it would be very convenient to have that option of manipulating things so fluidly. I love the same feature on an iPhone. Hmm…ok, I think this is the issue. The iPhone is all about fluidity and mainly in a browsing or light-task mode. My MacBook Pro is in the majority of instances, a productivity tool. At those times, I need it to deliver rock-solid consistency and reliability of every interface element. When I’m browsing with the MacBook Pro I can easily use keyboard shortcuts or hot corners to get the fluidity I need. So, how do I turn off trackpad zooming? I looked in the system preferences last night and couldn’t find a way.


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